Springtime is a Hong Kong-based brand consultancy whose forte in retail design has helped build our reputation.

As outstanding designers who provide impeccable creative, solid, and relevant brand and retail solutions for global and home grown brands across the Asia Pacific region, our team of multi-cultural designers are aware that we build culture around us, and we take responsibility for both positive and negative repercussions of our design decisions. And the ability to express and communicate and translate the tangible and intangible qualities of a brand is essential.

Brands need systems, a framework to convey viscerally and visually – touch points for customers to connect with. We do all this through rigorous research, insightful communications – from strategy to design to implementation. Our multi-cultural team acts on our belief that good design opens the door to all possibilities and makes lives better. The acknowledgment and recognition of our work has resulted in repeat client projects.

Springtime knows each business is a work in progress and this translates into diverse needs that must meet the demands of your clients and customers. While specialist agencies can only offer solutions within their area of expertise, this monopolises the direction of projects, especially brand identity-related projects. The strength of our cross-disciplinary creative team lies in our ability to insightfully distil information and immediately translate it into highly effective strategic and value-added marketing and sales.

We are focused on helping you.

Regardless of the challenges, our service ethos to grapple with systems, to create, adapt and implement effective and successful roll out programmes, is what distinguishes us and our values:

ATTITUDE is all the little things that makes us approachable, attentive, committed, collaborative and much more that makes the BIG DIFFERENCE.

HONESTY & INTEGRITY understands no one thing is perfect but together we can succeed to make it even better. The key to trust and lasting relationships. And always with respect for others. Saying what we think honestly and openly to everyone. That’s how we behave whether face-to-face and when no one is watching. That’s why our client’s remember us and stay with us from day one.

CREATIVE opens our mind to spot the world’s changing trends and culture, continuous learning that allows us to absorb and ensure every person can make a creative contribution. Committed & Creative – that’s what we are!

TRANSFORMATION & RENEWAL is our DNA because there has never been a better time to constantly develop and progress, to learn and evolve, to improve the value, quality, effectiveness and timeliness of the designs we provide. Always relevant, we strive for excellence and that is the driver of our success. We are adaptable and not constrained by size nor restricted in our ability to move more quickly, nimbly, with versatility and flexibility.

Let Springtime breathe life and revitalise your brand.

Good brand design is attainable, it is not a luxury. There has never been a better time for you to take up the challenge to rise the best of your capabilities and potential to make your brand real and relevant.

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