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Your Lifeline to Healthy Living

As a distinctive science-backed wellness programme designed to encourage AIA customers to develop a healthy lifestyle, AIA Vitality gives clients the knowledge, tools and motivation to take charge of their health. In doing so, the message from AIA Vitality was that you could enjoy a rewarding lifestyle. Although AIA Vitality had progressively rolled out its programmes across Asia and Australia, it still required the design of a distinct and unique visual language. This then could be applied across an array of marketing collaterals and promotional materials as well as educate and promote AIA Vitality to its own staff.

The concept of using a line drawing style to illustrate its animated content represented a healthy lifestyle, one engaged in every way – in sports, in the choice of foods we eat, in our social lives, and much, much more. The animated line drawing enabled AIA to depict an ongoing active lifestyle – constantly in motion and dynamic.

Springtime animated AIA Vitality’s key messages by creating over 100 pictograms for AIA Vitality’s Pictogram system including an animated promotional video for AIA Group’s Reception Lobby.


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