The Game Begins…

Retail Strategy

A fun and functional ‘colour-game’ training tool to incentivise staff to learn and apply visual merchandising principles for adidas concept store.

Ways & Means

‣ In-store communications system
‣ Visual merchandising guidelines
‣ Training took kit

The challenge of mastering new store concepts

When adidas was about to launch its new store concept, the challenge was on – to develop a training tool kit incorporating training principles to train its staff to master new store concepts, understand different functions of wall fixtures and various systems, etc., across different stores and different countries of Asia Pacific.

Springtime stepped in by creating and developing the Visual Merchandising Guidelines and Training Tool Kit, a hands on, interactive ‘colour game’ to train and reinforce staff knowledge of all the new ways to present new products in its various categories, e.g. Sports and Lifestyle. Offered both digitally and manually, managers also had the option to hold one-to-one training as well.

Both fun and functional, the ‘colour game’ proved to be a huge success in incentivizing staff to learn, apply and review.


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