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Design, Implement & Roll

Retail Design

Retail design and store layout documentation drawings to roll-out new concept stores of Calvin Klein in Asia Pacific. 

Ways & Means

‣ Retail store layout
‣ Documentation package creation
‣ Drawing standardisation

Understanding a new retail concept is just the starting point…

When CK New York developed a new retail concept in 2012, it had to develop concept stores in Asia. They had a team to make it implementable in Asia, but needed a retail designer and/or agency who could understand retail implementation. Timelines were critical as CK had scheduled full implementation of about 200+ stores including layouts for different store formats. CK had a stringent implementation process to final full documentation drawing before giving it to the contractors.

Springtime was handed the CK Jeans store implementation manual and had to thoroughly understand the CK system. We delivered store layouts and implementation packages. The client was so confident and pleased with our abilities and work Springtime was invited to work with CK Underwear, CK Kids and CK Footwear across Asia Pacific.

Calvin Klein Jeans Footwear Store 3D Renderings

Calvin Klein Jeans Kids Store 3D Renderings

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