Chocolate Springs a Garden of Delights

Are we looking at the same Easter egg and bunny again?

How can an unforgettable and outstanding Spring Easter promotion that stands out be created when every Spring Easter promotion for years has featured the same Easter egg and rabbit?

By conceptualizing a striking visual idea of a ‘Spring Garden’ for window displays with super-sized props to highlight products in fun and dynamic way.

Besides attracting traffic, creating brisk sales, the impact of focused creative window displays and giant props depicting the Spring Garden concept extended from the Key Visual to the window display and into all in-store displays through vibrant, colourful dynamic super graphics and walls and most important of all unforgettable window displays.

Ways & Means

‣ Retail communications system
‣ Visual Merchandising
‣ Design implementation


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The Game Begins…

Raising the Flag of a Legend

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