Disney ABC

Disney ABC

Catching the ‘wave’ without missing a beat

Brand Identity

Visual identity to unify all marketing and communication platforms to ensure a seamless transition of the Disney brand on the acquisition of Buena Vista.

Ways & Means

‣ Brand strategy
‣ Brand communications system
‣ Print collateral design
‣ Event branding
‣ Design implementation

Under One Roof — Changing hands seamlessly without losing the competitive advantage

Disney had to ensure a seamless transition and incorporation of its brand after its acquisition of Buena Vista in 2007. This entailed a name change to Disney ABC and redesign of all marketing brochures and collaterals to match the Disney brand across Asia Pacific. Its entertainment products and programmes among business customers for this B2B had to clearly communicate the Disney brand without confusion. The success of the rebranding lead Disney to adopt the dynamic ‘wave’ element for their clients’ login page on Disney’s website.

Our Approach

Create a visual language that will capture the dynamic personality of Disney ABC International Television. In developing a new graphic system a dynamic ‘wave’ graphic device was designed to leverage and unify the brand identity of Disney across all marketing and communications platforms. This was applied to brochures, products cards, sales pack, website and events branding.


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