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Brand Identity

Brand strategy and identity system for the largest insurance company in Asia with a legacy of over a century of  service and known for helping generations of families.

Ways & Means:

‣  Brand communications strategy
‣  Brand identity system
‣  Identity guidelines creation
‣  Design implementation

A universal story of service, security, protection in a constantly changing world – across the line, across the borders and markets, agencies and partnerships

A well-known insurance company with a legacy of over 100 years of service and known for helping millions and millions of individuals, employees and several generations of families all over Asia to achieve their life goals through thick and thin, found its market share diminishing. It rebranded and found its new brand guidelines needed to match its new positioning.

We developed & established new brand guidelines to match the new positioning after identity audit:

‣  Main Guidelines with Sub Guidelines that include countries, agencies, partnership
‣  CI Guidelines + AIA Key Programme Logos
‣  New and wholistic graphic language and elements covering all platforms with ‘Mirror L’, a graphic device that unifies the communication system

Capturing Real Life Moments for The Real Life Company – touchpoints for engagement

‘Emotional imagery focuses on people and the things that really matter to them. It visualises the world of our customers – their needs, expectations and desires.’

Created photo library and photography principles to express Real Life Moments.

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